Tomas Forsyth Rosin

I'm a frontend developer, designer and product owner based in Stockholm, Sweden.


Professionaly, I first and foremost see myself as a programmer. Using code to develop ideas and fulfill visions is really powerful and I enjoy working with application architecture as well as algorithms and human-computer interaction.


A big part of the creation process for me is design, whether it's UX design, UI design or Illustration. I genuinely care about how my work is perceived and I love the experience of early sketches coming to life during the development. Proficient in tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch and Figma.


I'm not a big fan of spending hours of my day in meetings, but interaction with other people is essential for my well-being at work. Collaborating with co-workers, communicating with clients and spending time with colleagues outside of work are all important ingredients for good progress and great products.


As long as I can remember, music has been a big part of my life. I love listening to music just as much as playing guitar, drums or the piano myself.


Since November 2015, I've been working in the Payments team of Qliro AB in Stockholm. I'm developing the frontend of Qliro One - a checkout application integrated on multiple e-commerce websites. In early 2017, I took the role the technical product owner of the team and previously I've had the main responsibility for the UX and UI design of the product.


OpenSpace is an interactive visualization tool aimed at visualizing the entire known universe and portay ongoing efforts to investigate the cosmos. I was stationed at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Washington DC and developed an optimization algorithm for volumetric, time-varying space weather data.


I studied Master of Science in Media Technology and Engineering at Linköping University, campus Norrköping, and Master of Science in Computer Science at Stanford University, California.


During my university studies, I had a couple of summer internships. In the summer of 2013, I joined Spotify in Stockholm, working as a web developer in two different feature teams. The year after, I worked as a frontend developer at Samsung in Silicon Valley.


If you have any professional questions, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn. Otherwise, I'm available via email at any time. Please don't call me on the phone without contacting me on any of these channels first.